Why Choose Photon Brothers

Photon Brothers is very excited to work with REC, Solar Edge and LG name brands to give all our local Colorado solar clients hassle-free, high-quality technology.

The Premium Package

Here at Photon Brothers, we couple REC's photovoltaic expertise with SolarEdge’s power handling proficiency and the Tesla Powerwall to offer the top-quality Denver solar technology package at a great price. Because not all house roofs can fit many solar panels at a time, we also offer the ultra-premium, highest efficiency, lightweight panels on the market from REC. At 22% efficiency, REC panels pack the most solar energy output per square foot - more than any other panel brand on the market today. Go with the best solar electric system choice in Colorado and nothing less.

Founded in the early 2000s, the REC brand was one of the top technology-focused companies in the United States developing the best technologies for creating eco-friendly electrical energy. REC's patented cell cutting, and module assembly takes processed solar wafers and turns them into first-rate solar modules that are also very aesthetically pleasing for your home. Making these designs sleeker and slimmer than original creations lets these panels be more appealing to the eye.

While revolutionizing the way energy is converted in solar power systems, SolarEdge has developed a respected modern technology that maximizes both power generation and the value of your PV (photovoltaic) system. On every SolarEdge-equipped system, you will find voltage optimizers, elevated-efficiency inverters, and panel-by-panel monitoring present. With the unique combination of each of these attributes, your solar system can generate about 3% more energy compared to old, standard inverter architectures created a few years back. This is equivalent to 11 free days of energy per year when you choose SolarEdge. That’s enough data for us to easily back the products we use and ensure efficiency to each of our clients as well.

Providing the most profitable energy solution for homeowners in Denver, Colorado, the Tesla Powerwall home battery employs extra solar power generated during the sunny time of the day for helpful use later at night. This intense battery will significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill and conveniently allow nighttime use of stored solar energy. 

When you pair REC's solar panels with SolarEdge’s StorEdge inverter along with the Tesla Powerwall, you can warrant stable energy levels at all hours of the day, night time included, and lower your monthly utility bill greatly. The expert Denver Solar Technology we provide our clients at Photon Brothers delivers everyone a premium package, no matter what their custom solar panel design might look like.

Installations We Stand Behind

Photon Brothers prides itself on being your premium local Colorado solar contractor. Stimulatingly, by combining our favorite REC sun panels with SolarEdge inverters, it lends our team the ability to customize a restriction-free design carefully aligning with our goal to tailor effective and efficient photovoltaic systems while also meeting the varying needs of our clients at the same time. Solar is our business, our passion, our craft and we consider each installation we do one-of-a-kind.

Power That Lasts

Since REC is backed by a 25-year warranty and has over three decades of experience under their belts, REC panels do not fall short of their premium branding and high-end quality. With a sleek, slim, all-black external appearance, top-notch marks in extreme industry testing conditions, and technical efficiencies above 21%, their competitors do not stand a chance against their product. If you hire us to do your solar energy installation, you can be confident that your investment in this product will be worth every penny and pay for itself several times over. In addition, SolarEdge is also very well-known for its long-lasting performance and reliability in real-world conditions. They also have a backed 25-year warranty on optimizers and a 12-year manufacturer warranty on inverters to keep you covered. Along with quality, this warranty exceeds what the competition offers, as the SolarEdge brand provides you with the best product and peace of mind in your investment. Choose the right professional contractor of your local solar electric system installation and you’ll be wreaking the benefits of your investment for years to come.

All the solar electric systems in Colorado we create and provide our clients here at Photon Brothers are top of the line and still unsurpassed by any other company in the market. Our local team prides ourselves in supplying beautiful, sleek solar systems for any home or commercial business in Northern Colorado. Check out what our past clients have to say, and you’ll understand why so many local individuals choose us. Contact us for a free solar estimate today!

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