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I got my installation from Photon Brothers at the end of 2020. I chose Photon Brothers because they had the best Yelp reviews, competitive financing options, better transparency around their equipment sourcing, and better warranty / performance guarantees. Sam and Mark were great to work with. Overall I’m very pleased with the system – it’s been generating a substantial portion of my power needs, and it’s done so during months with minimal sunlight (largely Jan/Feb). I expect to generate a ton of power once the days are longer and the sun gets higher! They completed the project on-time and at-budget, and the installation looks really nice on my roof, so they got the aesthetics right, too. I highly recommend these guys!  

Aurora, CO

Impeccable service - knowledgeable - honest - efficient. Everything went smoothly and in a timely manner with Photon Brothers solar. We could not be happier with the results. Highly recommend them.

Littleton, CO

We are extremely pleased with our new solar system from Photon Brothers. Photon Brothers treated us with all the courtesy and professionalism that made the project a success. The company provide us with complete documentation so that we knew when every piece of the project would be started and completed. All representatives who came to our home to work on the project were knowledgeable and extremely helpful with any questions we had. I would definitely recommend Photon Brothers for installation of your solar system.

Northglenn, CO

Let's be honest, solar is complicated. And it seems like everyone and his mother is out there selling systems, so it can be tricky to decide who to go with. We began our journey by talking to a sales rep from a different, big-name company one day at Home Depot. They were pushing a leased system as the most pain free way to improve our carbon footprint and save on our electricity bills. But the more I started looking into that company, and the more I started running the numbers, something just didn't feel right. Krista, our rep, and Eric Hopf, our project manager, took over from there and expertly walked us through options that were in our best interests, from the size of the system to which purchase model would work best for us. Getting solar isn't a quick process, either, but they went above and beyond to walk us through the steps and manage all of the potential pain points, keeping us excited all the way to the finish line. And their installers went above and beyond accommodating our preferences and schedules as well. At the end of the day, I'm confident that we got a better price, and the perfect system to suit our needs, and this was all due to a project experience that felt more like a partnership than a sales quota. If you've been thinking about solar, I can't recommend Photon Brothers highly enough.

Denver, CO

Photon Brothers and Amanda were amazing. The process was seamless and Amanda communicated with us on every step of the process. I would recommend Amanda and Photon Brothers to anyone who is looking for a way to use renewable energy. Thanks so much to Amanda and the Team.

Superior, CO

We had our solar panels installed in early 2021. The team at Photon Brothers were excellent. Eric managed our project, communicated the whole process clearly to us, and kept the project moving forward without delay - through consultation, planning, permitting, installation and connection. Sam and Jerry installed our panels and did an amazing job. Over two mornings, they swiftly went from start to finish leaving the system ready to be connected to the grid. The panels were neatly seated, the cables were hidden from sight passing through our attic to the inverter, and all panels were surrounded with squirrel guard as standard. The REC alpha panels used by Photon Brothers are one of the best models available, and the SolarEdge invertor came with an app that allows tracking of data from individual panels over days/weeks/years. This was clearly high-quality work from the team and a well thought-out design.

Lakewood, CO

I highly recommend this company. They are the real deal and their prices are very competitive. The project was completed in an amazingly short time. Their employees take great pride in their work, are very friendly, and take full ownership of projects from agreement-signing to project completion. I had some initial issues with cell communication with the Solaredge monitoring platform, but Photon Brothers changed out the inverter cellular card and is observing the monitoring.

Louisville, CO

We decided on Photon Brothers over Sunrun for 2 reasons even though they cost practically the same with all their perks and both offered perks. 1.  Sunrun wanted to put more panels on our roof (meaning less efficient panels). 2.  The reviews on Google and Yelp for Photon were better.  Sunrun had more negative reviews for how they handle things after installment. We are very satisfied with the workmanship provided.  They were very communicative with me.  They would call, email, and text when necessary and they were prompt to respond to my questions and concerns throughout.  My roof is also a cement tile roof so when they 1st inspected it, they found 6 broken tiles and fixed them while they were up there. They have been up for almost 2 months now.  I can track my usage through Xcel and see my production on Photon Bro's app.  Overall, very happy customers here.

Boulder, CO

Photon Brothers were selected from 7 potential suppliers as they proposed high quality REC panels, were very responsive to questions and had a local crew. They were not the lowest cost supplier but installing solar for long term investment requires quality components and competent installers. The installation started at 7:30am and we were generating power by 2:30pm. All requirements to place panels and route conduit was done very professionally. The follow up permit inspection and PTO followed a couple of weeks later. Great job!

San Luis Obispo, CA

We could not be happier with the solar energy system installed by Photon Brothers in San Luis Obispo. The products are top notch. We had 16 Rec-N-Peak panels installed together with Enphase IQ7 micro-inverters and an Enphase IQ Combiner that allows us to monitor electrical production, consumption and net energy metering throughout the day. The system was perfectly sized based on our upcoming purchase of an electric vehicle and our anticipated use of air conditioning as temperatures continue to creep higher. We fully expect to benefit slightly from net energy metering during the year-end true-up. Lastly Photon Brother's pricing and warranties were far superior to the other solar companies that we considered for this project.

San Luis Obispo, CA

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the possibility of getting battery backup for my well pump through PG&E but turns out the program is legit and so it Photon Brothers! They gave me a bid to also install solar panels and worked with me to design the right sized system for my needs. They were thousands less than the other 2 bids I received. They advised me on best roofing alternatives for the panel and came out ahead of time to do the roof penetration and conduit ahead of the roofing repairs. Solar and battery installations were painless, and workmanship top notch. But also the staff was super friendly and professional - top notch to deal with. Kudos to our project manager Logan, electrician Miles, Accountant Lynsi, owner Dave and the entire team. I wish all the companies I deal with were as good as you guys!

Arroyo Grande, CA

Excellent service all the way around. Krista handled the initial sales motion and she answered every question (and believe me, I asked everything). She was prompt, professional and the whole sales experience was straightforward. Eric handled the project management and was very attentive during the permitting process. I don’t think I have ever had someone so attentive to emails and keeping the process moving. Lastly, but certainly not least, Sam and Jerry handled the install of the panels. Very professional. personable and especially knowledgeable. They were on time and kept the site very clean and organized. I highly recommend Photon Brothers for solar. I was always skeptical of the whole concept but the team at Photon Brothers have really won us over and we are very satisfied customers.

Aurora, CO

Tim and Josh came out and installed my system. Did a super bang up job, very friendly and professional, these installers knew their job and performed it well. This is my second Photon Brothers installation, and this company never disappoints. Can't recommend Photon Brothers highly enough, and if I could give Tim and Josh 6 stars, I would.

Arvada, CO

Working with David and his team has been great. 1st time round he came on site and gave an honest appraisal of our roof and electrical panel. They came in with the low bid and did an outstanding job. We went with them again when we acquired a Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid last year. David recommended an additional 4 panels. We just received our annual true-up billing from PG&E and received a $1.84 credit. Nailed it! Nice to stay local, great deal and great service.

Paul & Anne
Grover Beach, CA

I have nothing but good things to say about the entire team I experienced with the Photon Brothers. After doing plenty of research and choosing this company I was extremely pleased at the smoothness of the whole process from the beginning consult with Chris Swearingen to the install with Jake and communication in between with Erika and Kaitlyn. Looking foward to a future with solar!

Pueblo, CO

Couldn’t be happier with Photon Brothers. They are the best solar company out there hands down. They offer great products and their team is outstanding. I spent months researching and getting quotes from other companies and they had one of the best prices with the best financing options and the best warranties. Plus they are a local company that doesn’t outsource their work, you work with them, period. Sam Johnson was a great sales consult to my project manager Eric. We had a very smooth install and the crew was outstanding. Thank you Sam, Jerry, Adam, Jake & Chris for taking care of us. I would definitely recommend Photon Brothers to any of my family and friends. Can’t wait to start generating my own power!

Lakewood, CO

From the beginning to the end in this process the Photon Brothers team worked highly professional and efficient in setting up our solar system here in Boulder. It was a joy working together with this competent team and we are happy about the final result. Highly recommended.

Boulder, CO

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