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General Diagnosis & Service

Our solar panel services range from solar system & panel inspections, fixing a broken solar panel, re-roofing after wind and hail storms, resetting panels that were improperly installed, or full solar panel removal, reinstallation or replacement. Our team usually begins with a phone consultation to discuss your current solar power system and determine the overall repair and solar panel services needed and then our technicians will make recommendations for the services you might need.

Your on-site evaluation will include: 

  • On-site survey and assessment of any particular needs or special challenges to the existing system: positioning, energy generation problems, any system damage or solar panel placement concerns
  • Assessment of the overall condition of the solar panels, roof mounting and racking hardware, and any impact of solar panel placement to your roof
  • Diagnosis of any problems or damage caused to the solar panel system, hardware or roof
  • Determination of the scope of work needed including the repair, replacement and/or re-installation services required as well as the safest, most efficient method of removal, resetting and re-roofing of any damaged or broken system parts
  • Analysis of shading from the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles or buildings are limiting electricity production


As one of the leaders in clean-energy solar systems and custom design installations, our reinstallation, re-roofing and solar energy maintenance services provide everything to ensure your system is maximizing its output. Our in-house team includes Master Electricians, veteran technicians and installers with 10+ years of experience and lots of happy customers. For more information about our Colorado & California solar system & panel inspections, custom-designed solar energy systems, reinstallation, replacement solar panels or solar energy maintenance services, contact our local team today.

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