Solar Panel Repairs in Colorado

Solar Panel Repairs in Colorado

Need to fix a broken solar panel? Looking to reset panels that were improperly installed? At Photon Brothers, we offer a wide range of solar panel repair services including full solar panel removal, reinstallation, replacement, and more. We have an entire team dedicated just to service, and strive to do same-day troubleshooting and repairs!

Why Colorado homeowners trust Photon Brothers

  • We're industry leaders.

    Our in-house team includes master electricians and veteran technicians and installers with 10+ years of experience.

  • World-class service.

    We have the expertise and certifications needed to perform a wide range of solar panel removal & reset repair services.

  • We never outsource.

    Each and every repair is completed by one team of local, dedicated solar panel experts — from start to finish.

  • Our 5-star reviews.

    We’ve got a great reputation — just check out our reviews.

Cost & Services


The cost of solar panel repairs in Colorado will vary depending on the scope of work required and the type of repairs needed. If you’re a current Photon Brothers customer and we installed your panels, most repairs will be covered by your warranty. We also work in tandem with your home owner’s insurance, in the event you experienced an event, such as weather damage, that would be covered by your policy.

For an accurate price for your project, call us at 720-370-3344 for a free phone consultation.

Rest assured, our expert technicians are standing by and ready to get your solar system powering again in no time!

Types of services

At Photon Brothers, we offer a wide range of solar panel repair services, including:

  • Troubleshooting why your system may not be operating to its full potential
  • Detach and reset repairs
  • Solar system and panel inspections
  • Re-roofing after wind and hail storms
  • Full solar panel removal, reinstallation, or replacement

Financing & Incentives

Ways to save

At Photon Brothers, we strive to make the financial aspect of going solar stress-free for you and your family. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible leasing and financing options for Colorado homeowners, including $0 down. We’ll help you find the best option by walking you through the following:

  • Our solar loan program
  • Available rebates & incentives
  • Federal tax credits
  • …and more
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PBX package

Obtain complete energy independence with our PBX package

Produce 70% more lifetime power and optimize your solar investment with our PBX package. This all-in-one solution merges solar panels, an inverter, Tesla Powerall storage (and more) to provide the most supreme combination of performance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal on the market. Plus, this package is backed by the industry’s best 25-year warranty.

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Your solar panel repair in 5 simple steps

  1. Contact us.

  2. No obligation phone consultation.

    During this call, we’ll discuss your current solar power system and the overall repair and solar panel services you may need. We’ll then schedule a time for one of our solar experts to visit your home for an on-site visit.

  3. On-site survey and assessment.

    An expert will visit your home to better understand your particular needs and any challenges to the existing system, including positioning, energy generation problems, any system damage, or solar panel placement concerns. We’ll diagnose any problems or damage and determine the scope of work needed. We’ll then provide you with an upfront quote on cost.

  4. We repair your system.

    Our electricians and repair team will efficiently work to complete your repair project. Most simple repairs can be done within one day. However, when the repairs require a full detach and re-roof, this process could take around a week.

  5. Let us know how we did.

    We want to make sure you’re satisfied, which is why we’ll ask for your feedback after we complete the job.

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