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Solar Panel Repairs & Service

Solar Panel Servicing, Re-installs & Maintenance with Photon Brothers throughout Colorado & California’s Central Coast

One of the keys to maximizing the benefits of using solar power for your energy needs is ensuring that your solar power system is well-maintained and operating efficiently. Though most solar panel systems are designed to last, they are still susceptible to the same wear and tear and environmental impact as any other energy system or roofing would for your home or business. As technologies change and solar panel systems become more common, it’s easier to see some of the earlier pitfalls of using less sophisticated technologies, problems with those panels and inexperienced installers, and how to avoid them. Many businesses and homeowners have learned that opting out of a long leasing agreement or having solar paneling installed without the proper certifications or building permits can be a costly mistake.

As a local provider of premier solar power systems in Colorado & California, Photon Brothers knows what solar panel services their customers need and want, not just for solar power needs now, but in the future. Our in-house team of professional installers includes veteran technicians with 10+ years of experience as Master Electricians while providing customers with custom-designed solar power systems or replacement solar panels for their homes and businesses. Our service doesn’t stop with just new installations. As one of the leaders in local solar panel maintenance & repair, Photon Brothers also offers solar panel re-installation, re-roofing contractors, and solar energy panel maintenance as part of their long list of services offered.

What Solar Panel Services does Photon Brothers provide?

Our services range from solar panel energy maintenance and repair services, including fixing a broken solar panel, re-roofing a panel that’s been damaged, resetting panels that were improperly installed, or full solar panel removal, reinstallation or replacement. If your roof needs repair or replaced, an assessment of any damages caused by environmental impacts, like a fallen tree limb or heavy hail storm, or if any roof damage was caused or exacerbated by improperly installed solar paneling, the Photon Brothers can help. Our local solar panel maintenance & repair experts and re-roofing contractors usually begin with a phone evaluation of your current solar power system and roof to determine the overall repair and solar panel replacement needed, and then our technicians will make recommendations for the reinstallation services you might need. This evaluation will include:

  • On-site survey and assessment of any particular needs or special challenges to the existing system: positioning, energy generation problems, any system damage or solar panel placement concerns
  • Assessment of the overall condition of the solar panels, problems with them, roof mounting and racking hardware, and any impact of solar panel placement to your roof
  • Diagnose any problems or damage caused to the solar panel system, hardware or roof
  • Determine scope of work needed, including the repair, replacement and/or re-installation services required, and the safest, most efficient method of removal, resetting and re-roofing of any damaged or broken system parts
  • Analyze shading from the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles or buildings are limiting electricity production.

Solar Panel Reinstallation and Re-Roofing Services

There are many reasons someone may need to remove, replace or reinstall an entire solar panel system. If you’re replacing your roof or doing extensive remodeling or construction to your home or business, or if you’re selling a house or business and want to reinstall your solar paneling in your new home or business location, a professional solar panel removal and reinstallation may be needed. At Photon Brothers, our local solar panel maintenance & repair professionals have the skills, certifications and expertise needed to perform full scope removals and reinstallations, as well as troubleshooting potential problems with your panels too. Our services include:

  • Electrical grid, meters, micro-inverter disconnection
  • Solar panel roofing and mounting hardware removal
  • Safe and efficient solar panel removal, stacking and/or storage
  • Electrical wire and cable removal
  • Coordination with roofing professionals, contractors and engineers for reinstallation
  • Obtain or provide any permits, certifications or licensing needed to meet utility reconnection requirements
  • Solar panel reinstallation, re-setting, and re-roofing services are provided once roof repair or replacement is complete, usually within a 1-2 day turnaround
  • Final systems check and reconnection test to ensure everything is working and up to code
  • We can provide you with qualified roofing professionals who have worked with and pre-qualified.
  • Warranty the re-installation’s workmanship for ten years for our customers peace of mind. Warranty covers any associated leaks or damages caused by an improper installation.

Photon Brothers has been servicing solar panels for 10 years

As one of the leaders in clean-energy solar systems and custom design installations, our reinstallation, re-roofing and solar energy maintenance services provide much more than your typical solar energy system installers or solar panel re-setting companies. For more information about our Colorado and California solar panel services, custom-designed solar energy systems, reinstallation, replacement solar panels or solar energy maintenance services, contact our local team today.


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