Commercial & Government Solar Power Installations in Colorado

Photon Brothers is the preferred partner for government, education and commercial installations in Colorado. We are experts at delivering solar energy installations in Colorado on time and on budget, in addition to compliance with the ordinance of the Denver Green Roof Initiative.  Whatever the size of your project, we have the skills, regulatory knowledge, and resources to make your solar project a success.

Why get solar power for your commercial space?

1. Reduce Operating Costs

Avoid rising utility rates in Colorado by locking in lower, predictably priced electricity.

2. Increase Property Value

A solar energy system increases property NOI (Net Operating Income), resulting in a higher capitalized property value.

3. Leverage Your Companies Eco-friendly Initiatives

Today, many businesses and people want to partner with companies that are doing their part to decrease their carbon footprint. Photon Brothers can help your company market the fact that you are a “green” company. 

4. Save the Earth

Photovoltaic systems create no emissions, noise, or negative impact on surroundings.

5. Take advantage of solar tax credits!

There are many local incentives to go solar – learn about potential tax rebates for Colorado residents.

Colorado Commercial Solar Power Providers

We are committed to providing the best installations possible to our customers. We have veteran installation technicians with over eight years of experience and go above and beyond to make your Colorado commercial building’s solar installation as attractive as it is effective. Aside from the typical specifications, our solar company takes pride in following the Denver Green Roof Initiative. This ordinance says buildings over 25,000 square feet must dedicate a percentage of that building’s roof to green, vegetative space. There are several extremely important benefits that come from creating a Green Roof so not only do we follow this ordinance, we also encourage other companies to follow these clean energy guidelines as well.

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Why Photon Brothers for your commercial or government solar project?

Our salespeople, designers, and installers have years of experience working with government entities, so we can provide government clients with solar installations that provide great value for the price, with no delays or other hassles that come from working with inexperienced solar companies. The engineers and installers at Photon Brothers are highly skilled, educated and actually care about the environment. If you’re looking to invest in a commercial solar system that follows the new the Denver Green Roof Initiative, contact the top-rated Colorado solar company today!

(To learn more about the Denver Green Roof Initiative, check out their official website: https://www.denvergreenroof.org)

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