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Home of the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley is an agricultural town that has expanded its resources over the years. Aside from the farm lands that are well known in the area, Greeley is another city that’s exponentially spiking interest in solar energy. This is yet another beautiful city located on the Front Range that has great potential for investing in the Colorado sunshine. Saving money on electricity bills, saving the environment and transitioning to an eco-friendlier source of utilities are the primary reasons why the Photon Brothers enjoy installing solar systems for families in Colorado. 

Greeley Solar Power InstallationsTake advantage of the “sunniest state” in America by investing in solar panels for your home or business. We can assist with the entire process, starting with a free, no-obligation consultation where we actually walk your property with you to choose the best location for your panels. No other local solar energy contractors in town go as far as we do with the customer service in our industry. Our team of professional contractors takes their time with each customer to ensure they fully understand their life-changing investment. We put you first to make sure you know every piece of information needed about your solar energy system in Greeley. 

What’s even better about our Colorado company is our ability to customize every single install we complete. Don’t ever worry about a cookie cutter type panel set up from us. Our mission includes customization for every customer, no matter where they are located. We assess your property and have our engineers establish the perfect plan for your home. Our slim and sleek solar panels are top of the line in the industry. Not only are they beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also long lasting and the highest quality panel you can purchase. Photon Brothers only use stunning black and thin solar panels that aren’t bulky or sore on the eyes. We want you to benefit from your new investment financially without sacrificing the overall look of your home. 

Greeley Solar Power Installation ServicesWe thrive on giving our customers the best solar systems possible and we inform them of every little detail that goes along with their new systems. We take the time to walk you through the entire process and even assist in connecting your new panels to your local utility company. What’s great about the Photon Brothers is that we take every solar panel installment as its own. You can trust that we provide a custom design for each and every house. No install is alike and that’s our company’s guarantee to you! 

Interested in upgrading and finally investing in solar energy? Let us help you get started! Our Greeley solar power company will assist in reviewing all possible options for your home, review financial aid if needed and make sure solar is the right choice for your family. Give us a call today to book that free first appointment with one of our friendly professionals. Your Greeley home or business will benefit from this amazing new green source of energy – call now! 

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