Denver Solar Installers


Solar energy is a bountiful natural resource, and with 300+ days of sunshine a year, Denver is a perfect place to utilize its benefits. Plus, Colorado has fantastic solar incentives and rebates. By going solar in Denver, you’ll be able to take control of your energy bill, achieve energy independence, and lighten your environmental footprint.

Superior Solar Systems

Install the solar panel that outshines them all. Here at Photon Brothers, we couple QCell, Silfab, and REC’s photovoltaic expertise with Tesla’s power handling proficiency and the Telsa Powerwall home battery to offer the top solar technology package at a great price.

  • 70% More power – generated over panel’s lifetime
  • 22% More Efficient panels – The most energy per square foot
  • 3% more power than standard inverters – equal to 11 days of FREE energy
  • The Tesla Powerwall will significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill and conveniently allow nighttime use of stored solar energy
  • UniRac hardware designed to meet rigorous Colorado conditions without compromising the aesthetics of your home
  • And so much more!


Our volume of quality installations and experienced NABCEP Certified Installers allow us to deliver your system for potentially 1000s less than the other guys.

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Industry’s Best 25-Year Warranty

PBX Colorado solar systems offer the industry’s best combine power, product and labor warranty. In the unlikely event any issues do come up, Photon Brothers covers the replacement, shipping and installation.


If you want a solar installation that looks and works great, our Denver solar installers are the way to go. From planning the perfect layout to hiding cables from view, we never cut corners or skimp on quality. We only employ friendly, NABCEP certified installers, and master electricians, so you can feel confident that you are working with the best.

  • Stunning all-black power panels
  • We eliminate visible mounting hardware, rails, and exterior hardware for a best-in-class look
  • Higher efficiency modules produce more power per square meter area, reducing the number of panels, balance of system components, and installation labor
  • Conduits run through attic not outside the property for increased curb appeal
  • Critter guard to protect your home’s investment
  • Custom designs to your specific property

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How Much Does Solar cost?

Thanks to tax rebates, renewable energy incentives, and industry advancements, our Denver solar energy solutions are an affordable alternative to traditional energy.  You can save even more with 30% off your system with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Don’t pass up your chance to save thousands on your solar installation.

At Photon Brothers, we pride ourselves on custom installations. As such, the first step is to Contact our Denver solar installation team today for a free energy analysis! Our experts will work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique goals, and we’ll cover regulations, designs, permits, paperwork and inspections so you don’t have to. Contact us today to request a no-obligation estimate.

Why Choose Photon Brothers?

At Photon Brothers, we’ve spent years putting our experience in the renewable energy field to work for homes and businesses across Denver and beyond. Through our vast knowledge of solar power systems and a range of solar solutions, our solar specialists have helped hundreds of customers make the switch to solar.

We’re a locally owned company – which means that we care about the solar we install, and we can give our Denver solar clients the personal attention they often can’t get from those out of state solar companies. We’re a friendly, top-rated team that has five-star reviews everywhere you look!


We don’t disappear when the installation is done. Photon Brothers has 5-star reviews everywhere you look. Not only because of our incredible technology and custom installation practice – but because our Denver solar clients get exceptional service during every step of the process. From the initial consultation, to the moment you switch on your system, and for years to come – we are your trusted Denver solar experts.

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