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Solar energy is the way of the future. Renewable energy has never been more accessible than right now. Photon Brothers can quickly get you on your way to renewable living when you book us to install your solar system. Invest in the top-rated Boulder solar contracting company today and see your pocket book filling up tomorrow. We have perfected solar and only provide our clients with top-of-the-line panels and services in Colorado. You get what you pay for, so go with the guys you trust! 

Boulder Solar Energy ContractorsBoulder is such a beautiful town with its craggy rock formations, the art galleries, cafes, restaurants and boutiques on the famous Pearl Street and the University of Colorado Boulder campus. There are hiking trails for days, stunning open areas for unlimited outdoor activities and a community vibe that feels just like family. This northern Colorado city is just another place where green energy and saving the environment is top of mind. What can be a better place to install solar?! Our Boulder solar power services company knows exactly what our customers want and always provides the best materials in the industry. In addition, our installations are always custom. No solar system we install is alike! Whether you would like a roof mount at your home, or a ground mount, our contractors will design the perfectly fitting solar system for your residence, 100% unique.  

Solar Power Installation Company in BoulderAnother awesome attribute our company stands by is the post-installation standards we hold all our employees too. After our team has completed your home’s install and the final inspection and approval are granted by your local utility company, we don’t just leave. Our Photon Brothers will always review how to operate the system with you so you have an in-depth understanding on how your brand-new investment works. A thorough understanding is guaranteed before we ever leave your property. Period. 

If you already have a solar energy system running at your Boulder property and maybe have survived one of Colorado’s major hail storms, repairing your solar panels is another one of our specialties. Any damage caused by natural occurrences or unfortunate events can all be repaired by our solar professionals, even if we didn’t complete the initial install. We’re a Colorado company that cares, so if you need typical maintenance or sudden repairs made to your solar panels, give the Photon Brothers a call. 

Book a free, no-obligation appointment with Boulder’s top-performing local solar power company today and begin saving immensely. Decrease your monthly utility bills while saving the beautiful environment of Boulder’s city at the same time. Call Photon Brothers today! 

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