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Chamisal Vineyards

In 1973 Chamisal became the first winery to plant vines in Edna Valley, a gamble that paved the way for one of the most revered wine regions of California. Chamisal Vineyards is fully committed to maintaining a long-term sustainable approach to managing its vineyard and facilities. As such, Chamisal has earned the comprehensive SIP (Sustainability in Practice) which is annually earned through ensuring that environmentally and socially responsible practices are maintained throughout the business. Photon Brothers is pleased to support their commitment to sustainability by installing a 100 kW roof mounted solar PV array on their winery. The project was completed in March of 2017 and financed through the California REEP grant. The system offsets nearly a third of their current electrical usage and the owners intend to install up to 400 kW in the next few years to achieve a complete electrical offset.

Notable Figures

Cost Offset
32% Electricity Usage offset
Return on Investment
4.8 Years
Annual Savings
Year 1 Tax Incentives
10 Year IRR
30 Year Electricity Savings
30 Year ROI

Annual Environmental Impact

Reducing 135,459 lbs of CO2 to the atmosphere, taking 13 cars off the road or planting 1,592 trees
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