Solar Panels & HOA: What You Need to Know


Going solar is a big investment that can help you save on energy costs. However, the process of installing solar panels can be complicated if you’re part of an HOA.

For HOA members (about 53% of all homeowners in the country), going solar requires a bit more research to ensure you remain compliant with state laws and regulations. Luckily, Photon Brothers is here to help you get the solar panels you want without any of the stress. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about solar panels and HOA regulations, including:

  • Your state’s solar access laws
  • Your HOA’s requirements
  • The HOA solar application and approval process
  • How Photon Brothers makes it easy to install solar panels

Looking to go solar, but worried about your HOA? Let Photon Brothers help! Our solar experts have more than a decade of experience with solar panel installations across Colorado and California, including some tricky HOA approvals. Contact us today for a FREE custom estimate, or click below to get a quote within seconds. We’re proud to offer friendly and reliable service, as proven by our growing number of 5-star reviews. 

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Your State’s Solar Access Laws

In some areas, HOAs may act as significant barriers to solar panel installation. Their convoluted regulations are often implemented to give homes a sense of uniformity or to uphold certain aesthetic standards. 

In most cases, an HOA cannot explicitly prohibit you from installing solar panels on your home. However, their requirements may make the process of going solar more expensive, less efficient, or both. 

To combat these unnecessary regulations, many states have implemented laws designed to protect your right to solar energy as a homeowner. These solar access laws limit private restrictions that would otherwise prevent you from reaping the benefits of solar panels.

About half of all U.S. states currently have laws in place to protect the right to use solar energy in your home. Among others, these states include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah

If your state has implemented laws to uphold the use of solar energy, you can work with your solar installation company to get the solar panels you’re looking for, even if you’re part of an HOA. 

Understanding HOA Requirements

To avoid violating your HOA agreement, make sure your solar panels are approved.

A major part of any HOA’s initiative is ensuring every neighborhood maintains a certain standard of appearance, meaning all properties must adhere to some degree of uniformity. Though solar panels are good for the environment and help you save on energy costs, they often don’t comply with HOA’s aesthetic standards.

For this reason, HOAs often require that solar panels comply with certain restrictions. This includes where and how the panels are installed, as well as how visible they are. In some cases, you may even be required to obtain permission from your HOA before having solar panels installed or you could be found in violation of your HOA agreement. 

When it comes to overcoming HOA restrictions, your solar installation company should be able to provide you with expert advice that will help you get the solar panels you need to reduce energy costs and keep your home green. 

HOA Solar Applications and Approvals

Getting approval from your HOA to install solar panels can seem like a daunting process. However, at Photon Brothers, we’re here to help you navigate the application process. 

With over ten years of experience, we’re certified experts when it comes to installing solar panels despite HOA regulations. We’ll guide you through the often-convoluted HOA agreement to determine how and where your new solar panels can be added to your home. 

Even in states with solar access laws, you’ll likely need to fill out a lot of paperwork when attempting to install solar panels. Luckily, we’ve perfected our process to provide you with a streamlined path to solar energy without being bogged down by pesky HOA rules. 

Easy Solar Panel Installation With Photon Brothers

At Photon Brothers, we’re here to help you turn your home into an energy-saving machine. With over ten years of experience in the business, our master technicians are dedicated to giving you 5-star quality service that will leave you 100% satisfied. 

Sleek Designs with a Modern Touch

Gone are the days of functional yet unattractive solar panels. At Photon Brothers, we’ll provide you with a number of sleek designs that are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your home while keeping your energy costs low. 

Our solar panels feature a touch of modernity that blends seamlessly with homes of any style. And with custom designs available, we can personalize your solar panels to meet your every need. Whether you’re looking for standard solar panels or premium solar products like Tesla and REC, Photon Brothers can provide you with the right solar energy for your home. 

A Seamless Installation Process

At Photon Brothers, we’re dedicated to making your solar installation process as smooth and stress-free as possible—even if you’re an HOA member. We’ll guide you through the process of getting HOA approval and finding the right solar energy system that meets all regulations, so you can save money on energy costs while making your home more environmentally friendly.

We want the process of going solar to be 100% seamless. For homeowners in Colorado and California, get a free estimate in just seconds and start the solar panel installation process today. 

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