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Pros & Cons of Solar Panels in 2022

Over the past decade, residential and commercial solar energy has grown steadily almost every year—and that growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2022. In fact, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that global solar deployment will grow by 5% in 2022. With more people choosing to install solar panels for their homes and Read More

How Much Money Can You Save In Colorado With Solar Panels?

There’s no getting around it: installing a solar energy system is expensive. If you’re considering solar panels for your home, you’ll want to know how much they’ll save over time. That way, you can determine if they’re worth the upfront investment. In Colorado, solar panels can save you an estimated $35,000 over 20 years. However, Read More

How to Use Excess Power from Solar Panels

Many solar panels are highly efficient, which means they often produce more power than your home or business needs. Having too much power is not a bad problem to have—it’s certainly better than having the opposite issue of having insufficient power. In many cases, excess power benefits your home or business and your pocketbook. When Read More

How Much Energy Do Solar Panels Produce?

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’re probably wondering how much energy your solar panels will produce. Especially if you’re aiming to lessen your monthly power bill, or you’re interested in going off-grid. On average, most residential solar panels produce 100-400 watts of power. However, your solar energy output will vary upon several key factors, Read More

Backup Battery vs. Generator for Your Home – Which is Better?

If you’re looking into a whole-home generator to safeguard against power outages, you may be surprised to hear that a home battery can be equally effective as a backup power source. In fact, certain batteries like the Tesla Powerwall don’t even require solar panels. Home batteries are still a relatively new technology, which means there’s Read More

Green Roof Initiative

This past November, Denver took a huge step in combating climate change. This large city passed the “Denver Green Roof Initiative”, which requires buildings with a floor area of 25,000 square feet or more to have solar power, or a green roof. SunPower by Photon Brothers is prepared to help meet the needs of Denver’s Read More

Photon Brothers is Now a Proud Member of COSEIA

Photon Brothers is happy to announce that we are a member of COSEIA, the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association! COSEIA is a statewide organization that promotes the expansion of the solar and storage industry and technologies. COSEIA works hard to develop new policies and advocate for them. This organization has been a big contributor to Read More

Pueblo Solar Company Joins Worldwide Network of Design Centers

Photon Brothers, a Pueblo-based solar installer, has been selected as a SunPower master dealer, with a ribbon cutting for its design center at 4921 N. Elizabeth St. scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Friday. The local center is part of a worldwide network of more than 1,800 companies that sell, install and service SunPower products, which are Read More

Coronavirus cost Colorado’s solar industry thousands of jobs, but there’s one bright spot

The solar power industry has been hammered by the pandemic economy with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs nationally and Colorado facing an estimated 2,400 solar jobs gone by June. Yet one niche market is fitfully soldiering on in the state: home rooftop solar. Thanks to a strong start in 2020, some installers Read More

Pueblo Regional Building Department Commits to Solar Power with Photon Brothers

Local solar company Photon Brothers announces their partnership with the Pueblo Regional Building Department and have installed a new 57-kilowatt system on their existing downtown Pueblo building, leading the city to almost $1,000,000 in savings on their energy bill throughout the next 30 years. The solar panel project was installed last month with energy savings Read More

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