How To Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Solar power is more cost-effective than ever these days. And if you’ve recently jumped on the solar bandwagon, you’re undoubtedly excited about seeing savings on your monthly utility bill. 

That said, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to optimize the output of your solar panels and keep them producing as much as possible. 

So, to help you get the most out of your solar panels, we’re sharing 5 expert recommendations:

  • Install a battery 
  • Send energy back to the local power grid
  • Adjust your daily routines
  • Keep your solar panels clean
  • Ensure your panels are installed correctly 

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Install a Battery 

Installing a battery provides a way to store solar power so you can use it when the sun isn’t shining. This prevents you from needing to switch to the main grid once the sun goes down, or on rainy or heavily overcast days. 

At Photon Brothers, we’re certified to install the industry’s #1 rated battery, the Tesla Powerwall, along with Enphase Encharge systems.

Check out the chart below to see how much you can save by installing a home battery. 

A chart displaying the value of energy with a battery vs. solar panels only.

Send Energy Back to the Local Power Grid

You can also save on utility costs by returning your excess solar power to the grid.  

Most states allow utility companies to provide consumers with credits for the unused power they send to the grid, which lowers overall utility bills. You’ll need a grid-connected system for this option to work, and depending on your state and municipality, you may need to purchase some additional equipment. 

Grid connection requirements vary, so ask your Photon Brothers professional about what’s needed in your particular area. 

Adjust Your Daily Routines

A few basic alterations in your daily routine will help you get the most from your solar panels. 

For instance, take advantage of all that glorious free energy by running large appliances such as your washing machine and dryer when the sun is at its brightest (around high noon). This is also an excellent time to recharge your electric vehicle. 

If you’re trying to avoid drawing from your local grid at all during sunny days, it’s also a good idea to run only one large appliance at a time. Wait until your automatic dishwasher has completed its cycle before running the vacuum cleaner over your floors. 

To minimize nighttime use, charge your electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones during the day so they can be unplugged at night. If going to bed earlier at night is an option for you, this will also reduce the amount of energy your household uses. 

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Because solar panels are situated in the great outdoors, they’re vulnerable to all manner of dust and debris, which can build up over time and reduce the amount of sunlight they receive. 

Bird droppings and fallen leaves are common culprits for decreasing your solar panels’ capacity to absorb sunlight, but dirt and dust also play a role, especially when steady winds are part of the picture. It’s possible to experience energy losses of up to 10% due to obstruction by dirt and debris on solar panels. 

Unless you live in a particularly windy area or a home surrounded by trees, you should only have to have your solar panels cleaned every six to 12 months. This is also a good time to ensure that no nearby vegetation has grown to the extent that it’s providing too much shade for the panels to be able to do their job properly.

Solar panels should be cleaned with distilled or ionized water, and detergents should be avoided. Never clean with hard water because it may leave deposits behind that creates a film over the glass. 

Have questions about solar panel cleaning? Ask your Photon Brothers technician about dirt-resistant treatments for solar panels. 

Ensure Your Panels Are Installed Correctly

Improper installation is one of the major reasons for underperforming solar panels. 

First, it’s important to determine if the roof is suitable for solar panels. The most common installation issue is that the roof was assessed poorly, to begin with. It could also be that the assessment was correct at the time of installation but that the roof has undergone some structural changes over time that are impacting the performance of the solar panels. 

Sloppy and haphazard installation may also be an issue. To avoid this type of issue, make sure you find and hire a trustworthy solar installer.

Enjoy Maximum ROI with Solar Panels from Photon Brothers.

For more than a decade, Photon Brothers has helped Colorado and California homeowners reap the most from their solar investment. With 10+ years of experience, rest assured that our team of expert solar engineers and in-house installers will guarantee you see the most energy savings possible. Call us at (720) 370-3344  (Colorado) or (805) 351-3371 (California) to schedule a free custom solar estimate today. Or click below to use our nifty solar calculator and get an instant estimate! 

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