Do I Need a Battery With My Solar Panels?

Whether you’ve recently had solar panels installed or you plan to invest in them down the road, you may be wondering whether you need a home battery.

Although your solar system will function just fine without a home battery, having a battery installed has a wide range of advantages. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of installing a home battery, including how they can help: 

  • Maximize your solar panels’ efficiency 
  • Power your home when the sun isn’t out
  • Reduce wear and tear on your panels
  • Provide longer lifetime savings 

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Maximize Your Solar Panels’ Efficiency 

An orange graph explaining the value of energy with and without a battery.

To get the most out of your solar panel’s electricity production, it pays to invest in a home battery.

You see, your solar panels produce the most energy mid-day when the sun is strongest. However, you may not be home to use it. Or, you simply might not be using electricity at the time of max production. 

Some cities offer the option to enroll in a net metering program, which allows you to send electricity back to the power grid for a credit on your monthly bill. But if you don’t have such a program available, all that electricity is wasted. 

To maximize your solar investment, a home battery is the perfect solution. Your solar panels will charge your battery by day, and then you can draw from it at a later time, such as at night, on cloudy days, or whenever you’re using extra power. 

Another benefit to solar storage systems is that they give homeowners the opportunity to monitor their electricity usage more closely. The Tesla Powerwall app, for example, provides real-time feedback. By knowing how and when you use energy, you can develop more energy-efficient habits. 

Power Your Home When the Sun Isn’t Out

A home battery provides greater energy independence. 

If your community has an aging energy infrastructure, you probably already know how inconvenient power outages are. But with a home battery installed, you’ll be able to have lights, heat, and other essentials during power outages, instead of fumbling for flashlights, candles, and blankets.

The weather isn’t always perfect. Even places known for abundant sunlight, such as Colorado and California, have cloudy days. So, instead of switching to the grid on an overcast day or after the sun goes down, a home battery allows you to use the solar power you’ve got in reserve. 

As a bonus, solar power systems run quietly and efficiently. Many of those seeking to get off-grid as much as possible still depend on generators fueled by gas and diesel, which are irritatingly noisy and create air pollution. You’ll have access to free energy when you need it, rather than relying on the whims of nature.

Helps Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Panels

As you probably already know, solar panel systems are no small investment, so naturally, you want to do what you can to help ensure that yours lasts as long as possible. With a home battery in the picture, your solar panels will offload any unused energy they produce during peak sunlight hours, preventing them from becoming overloaded. 

Other ways to reduce wear and tear on your solar panels include having them professionally cleaned regularly — once or twice per year depending on local environmental conditions. 

Provides Longer Lifetime Savings

If you already have solar panels installed, you’ve undoubtedly noticed short-term savings on your monthly utility costs. But when paired with a battery you’ll reap maximum long-term savings. Both in energy bills and the lifespan of your panels themselves.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into energy independence, keep in mind that the federal government is currently offering tax credits for those who decide to have solar energy systems installed in their homes. Ask our solar experts at Photon Brothers for more information on how you can save. We offer customized designs that are as energy-efficient as they are attractive. We’re also happy to help with sourcing rebates and solar lenders! 

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