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I would HIGHLY recommend the Photon Brothers and Matthew Moody to anybody who wants to stop wasting money with electricity companies while doing their part to harness the sun”s energy. Now”s the time to make the switch….don”t wait!!


Denver CO

This is a great company that I highly recommend. More of a personal touch than the other companies I got quotes from.


Residential Customer

I hate to sounds like a broken record with other reviewers, but I got to witness this first hand.

I was able to quickly rule out SolarCity as any kind of serious competition. They were going to put more solar panels on my roof than Photon, and for only a 77% net system. Photon was able to get me a 100% net system with less panels.

I also pitted them against Nameste who was my second choice. Nameste wasn’t able to compete on the price (almost $10k more than Photon for the same panels and inverters). Both companies had great sales staff that were extremely informative and low pressure. This is in direct contrast to SolarCity that was high pressure and knew hardly nothing about the technology or systems.

Tim G. Arvada


Just got our first bill. Only $8! The process was painless and the install looks great. The sales person was low pressure and the project coordinator kept me in the loop throughout the process. Im very happy to support a local company!

Jayme R.

Pismo Beach, CA.

I can”t rave enough about our experience with Photon Brothers and would recommend them to anyone considering solar!


Residential Customer

I work in the renewable energy industry and chose Photon Brothers because of their positive yelp reviews, a good initial impression after our first call, the products they sell (SunPower modules – the best quality, highest efficiency PV panels on the market), and price (I received quotes from several other companies – they weren’t the lowest, but far from the highest).  Sales staff are very low pressure – their work and products speak for themselves.  The design and installation process had some ups and downs as with any contractor, but SunPower did a good job of resolving issues as they came up.  The quality of the final installation was excellent.  There are a lot of crappy solar contractors and most homeowners don’t know what they don’t know – I do know what I’m looking at, and the work was top notch.  Overall, I’m very happy.  You won’t go wrong with these guys.


Denver, CO

Great company for solar.   I was extremely happy with the whole process.  From Sales to installation, the whole company has been a pleasure to work with.  John Johnson from sales was extremely knowledge and friendly.  He helped me navigate though all the complex options of panels, inverter types, payment options, rate of return, Xcel’s Solar program, etc.   From there, the rest of the team from their project manager down to the installers were all top notch and extremely responsive.  I was impressed with how quickly the whole process went for me.  It has been about 3 months since my system has come online and have been impressed with how well the SunPower panels are producing.   I went with the micro-inverters as I had shading issues around my house.  I would recommend them if you are planning to go solar.

Alley C.

Boulder, CO