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At Photon Brothers, our mission is to power your life through a quality solar installation at a reasonable price. In keeping with our mission, we use SunPower solar panels. These are the highest-quality, most cost-effective solar panels available. We value our customers’ time and provide service that is friendly, professional, and hassle-free all throughout the Denver, Colorado area. We are committed to improving the local communities we operate and live in, as well as our planet’s environment and natural resources.

Photon Brothers is a solar energy company in Denver dedicated to providing you with a high-quality solar installation and an amazing customer experience. We use SunPower solar panels, which are the best, and some of the most advanced and energy-efficient solar panels in the world. The company was founded by fourth generation Coloradans David & Matt Raichart, veterans in the solar energy space who believe that solar power is the best way for homeowners in Denver to save on their energy costs and move towards a more sustainable, Earth-friendly future.

Happy Customers
“I got a couple quotes and did a lot of research before choosing Photon Brothers and SunPower panels. They cost a little more. But the system had 22% efficient panels, the best out there, and we're getting more for it. Our house is completely electric, no gas, and so in the winter we used to have huge bills. In March we've made 90% of our power, on our little town home roof with 18 panels. I can't wait to see the electric bill! Service was great. We had a complicated install. The HOA board wanted details, and more fasteners since we live in windy Shanahan Ridge. No problem. The Boulder inspector wanted the panels grounded to the hardest spot in the whole house to get to, in our laundry room. One of the Photon Bros. owners spent 8 hours at our house making it happen, and doing exactly what they said they would--getting our system complete by Christmas. (Love that 30% tax CREDIT!) And the install itself was on a cold, windy day. Salesmen are no-pressure; engineers are smart and efficient; and the installers are hard-working people who do it right. The whole company is responsive--they even painted the conduit on the outside to match our siding. Great people to work with.”
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