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At Photon Brothers, our mission is to power your life through a quality solar installation at a reasonable price. In keeping with our mission, we use Solaria solar panels. These are the highest-quality, most cost-effective solar panels available. We value our customers’ time and provide service that is friendly, professional, and hassle-free all throughout the Denver, Colorado area. We are committed to improving the local communities we operate and live in, as well as our planet’s environment and natural resources.

Photon Brothers is a top-rated solar energy company in Denver dedicated to providing you with a high-quality solar installation and an amazing customer experience. We use Solaria solar panels, which are not only one of the most advanced brands of panels on the market but are also the most energy-efficient solar panels in the world. This solar panel installation company was founded by fourth generation Coloradan brothers David & Matt Raichart, who are well-known veterans in the solar energy space. They believe that solar power is the best way for homeowners in Denver to save on their energy costs and move towards a more sustainable, Earth-friendly future.

Being the premier Denver solar power installation company, Photon Brothers take pride in keeping their customer’s expectations high. Not only are you saving money with a solar system investment, you are also saving the planet simultaneously. When you use the sun’s clean energy to power your home you open the door for your family to get beneficial rewards and performance-based incentives for solar power systems. This means that for a specific number of years, utility company dependent, you earn a substantial solar reward for every kilowatt-hour (cents/kWh) you put through your system. This pay out comes in addition to reducing your total monthly electricity bill. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that savings?

Our Colorado solar energy company offers two different styles of high-quality solar panel installations: roof mounted systems or ground mounted systems. Our premiere sun power experts will evaluate your home or business and determine which design would be most beneficial to you. Once that is determined during your FREE no-obligation consultation with cost estimate, our team will provide you with extensive information on how the process works and what you should expect with your homes new solar system. It’s as simple as that! Long-term benefits with a short-term installation time frame.

If you already have a solar energy system installed at your residential or commercial property, the Photon Brothers also provide maintenance or reroofing services as well. The panels we can work on don’t just need to be one’s we’ve installed ourselves in the past. Our team can service solar panels that have been damaged from Mother Nature elements, have just worn out over time, or maybe went through a current damage accident of some sort. Nevertheless, David and Matt instruct their team to take care of everyone’s solar system in and repair all types of systems in order to keep them properly working in Northern Colorado.

If you are looking to hire a Denver solar power installation firm, give the Photon Brothers a call and see exactly what they can offer you. Once you speak with our solar professionals, you’ll know immediately why we are deemed the best local solar company on the Front Range. Call us today!

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