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A Superior Solar Experience

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Our quality technology, attention to detail, expert knowledge, aggressive financing and white glove treatment set us apart from other installers.

Photon Brothers has a passion for installing solar panels that look good and work great.

Highest Quality Solar Panels Under the Sun

We exclusively use Sunpower solar panels – the most advanced, effective, attractive panels in the world. You’ll save more on your energy bill and get better performance from your panels by going with our SunPower technology.

  • Sunpower panels produce 70% more energy over the first 25 years compared to traditional panels – making them the highest efficiency panels you can buy
  • Sunpower Solar Panels have incredible reliability – matched by a 25 year warranty
  • Sunpower Panels outperform and outlast every other panel on the market.

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Always custom installations.

We are committed to providing the best installations possible to our customers. We have veteran installation technicians with over 8 years of experience, and go above and beyond to make your solar installation as attractive as it is effective.

Custom install practices include:

  • Conduit in the attic
  • Thoughtful designs
  • Critter guard to protect your investment
  • And more

Our Process

A Team You’ll Love Working With

A Team You’ll Love Working With

We live by the motto “Customer service before anything else. ” Our mission is to make every step of your solar installation a pleasure, and something you’ll be happy to rave to your friends about.


Justin | Lead Installer

Justin is our lead installer. Between disc golf and long walks on the beach, he has been in the construction biz for 5 years, gaining extensive roofing experience. He believes solar is our best option for living sustainably and prides himself on creating a great looking install every time. He relates to the spirit of the Labrador Retriever because of the loyal and approachable demeanor. Justin is close to his 2 year anniversary at Photon Brothers. Thank you, Justin!

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The Local

It’s simple –
Local is better,
local is cheaper,
and local is faster.

5-Star Reviews Everywhere You Look

“I went with Photon Brothers & couldn’t be happier. My system is sized perfectly for my home, & they look great. Install was quick & clean. Best of all, my new power bill is locked in & won’t go up. It has been an excellent investment to my home.”
Matt M., Customer from Denver, CO

It’s Time to Go Solar

Thousands of people are loving their solar powered spaces. Are you ready to be one of them?

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  • Save money on your electricity bill
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Lock-in energy costs for years to come
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
Yes, I need solar for business
  • Reduce or eliminate your office building’s electric bill
  • Lock in energy costs for years to come
  • Improve your building’s value
  • Take advantage of tax benefits